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Move Over TOEFL…

This likely will not come as a surprise to most professionals in the ESL industry, but IELTS is beginning to compete with TOEFL in the United States.

IELTS has traditionally been used in the Commonwealth countries (with the exception of Canada), while the US has favored TOEFL results.

While many Ivy League schools have been using IELTS over the past couple of years, Yale is the most recent university accepting both test results from overseas students. Surprisingly, Harvard requires no English-language proficiency assessment for undergrads.

Why first language literacy programs?

At Englishlink, we are regularly asked if we can teach refugees English. We can, as long as they are literate in their first language.

Why is this so important? While learning a first language, one gains an understanding of pattern and grammatical structure. These are crucial when trying to acquire a second language. It is well documented that once language skills are learned, they transfer globally from one language to another.