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Slang for crime

slammer (n) = jail/prison

“Jose is in the slammer for 2 years for lying to the police.”

5-finger discount (n) = shoplifting

“Rob had to do community service for a 5-finger discount.”

to get busted (v) = arrested/caught

“My brother got busted for speeding…again! He never learns!

junkie (n) = a person addicted to drugs

“Can you believe Carol became a junkie? She was so successful at university.”

Texting ‘speak’

Here are some of the most popular texting/chat short forms and what they stand for…never use these in formal writing!

Texting ‘speak’

Getting a text from an English speaker can be confusing!

Here are some short forms we use to represent expressions:

Some slang…

earful (n) = heavy complaining / lecture

My father gave me an earful after I scratched his car.

down (v) = drink

Let’s go the cafe and down a couple of coffees.

dicey (adj) = not safe / taking a chance

That road is really dicey when it snows. We should take another route.

Slang expressions with CAT

the cat’s got your tongue = you can’t/won’t say anything

“Why don’t you apologize to your mother? Has the cat got your tongue?”

the cat’s pajamas = something great

“My new iPad 2 is the cat’s pajamas. It was expensive, but I love it.”

one cool cat = a person you respect/think is awesome

“Craig is one cool cat. He always knows about new technology before it’s launched.”

Some American Slang…

sore loser (n) = a person who does not win in a competition and keeps complaining about it.

“I don’t like playing tennis with Teddy.  He’s always a sore loser if I beat him.”

touch and go = describes a situation that is quite close to having a bad outcome/result

“It was touch and go with my mother after her surgery.  She got a bad infection and the doctors were really worried.”

Some American Slang…

loose lips = someone who cannot keep a secret

“I never tell my sister anything private. She is a real loose lips.”

green-eyed monster (n) = jealousy

“Successful people have to be careful of the green-eyed monster. They can lose friends because of it.”

backseat driver (n) = a person who is always telling other people how to drive

Some American Slang

meltdown (n) =  emotional collapse

Terry had a meltdown when she lost her Blackberry.  She is addicted to that thing!

mickey mouse (adj) = a waste of time/too easy

That Spanish course is mickey mouse. I want to take one that is more challenging.

paws (n) = hands

Get your paws off those sandwiches! They are for the guests.

Some slang about money

loaded (adj) = very wealthy

My grandfather is loaded. He owns 4 companies.

tighten your belt (v) = stop spending as much money

After I lost my job, we had to tighten our belts.

pay through the nose (v) = pay too much for something

I paid through the nose for my new car.  I saw it yesterday for $2000 less!

Some slang…

wet blanket = a person who is really boring

“Alex is a wet blanket. I never bring him to parties because he is so dull!

wannabe = a person who aspires to be better than they are, or like someone else

“There are so many wannabe supermodels in my school.”

what’s-his/her-face = used when cannot remember someone’s name

I’m talking about the guy in our office who sites near the photocopier….what’s-his-face.