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Some slang words…

pencil pusher = a person who does an administrative job.

The government wastes too much money on pencil pushers.

piece of cake = very easy

The exam was a piece of cake. I am sure I did well.

powder my nose = go to the washroom to ‘fix your make-up’ …only FEMALES say this ;)

“I’m going to powder my nose. Back in a minute!”

Slang with HARD

hard up (adj) = having money trouble

“I have been hard up since I lost my job last year.

hard-core (adj) = very intense

Paul is a hard-core golfer. That is all he ever wants to do.

hard sell (n) = aggressive way of selling or advertising

When a sales person does a hard sell on me, I find it difficult to say no.

Some slang words…

Here are a few expressions you might hear when you are out and about…

hot shot = someone who is really good at something, and shows off/lets you know!

“Erik is a hot shot on the ski slopes.”

“Ana is a hot shot in the kitchen. She never lets anyone else cook.”

good to go = I’m ready, let’s start

Slang – a few expressions…

piece of cake = very easy

The project was a piece of cake. I did it in 1 night.

Learning English is a piece of cake compared the Chinese!

give someone an earful = complain strongly

While I was in the garden, my neighbor gave me an earful about the garbage collectors.

I was so upset that I wanted to give someone an earful, but everyone had gone home!

Slang – lame

lame (adj) = boring/dull

“Jill’s birthday party was so lame. There was no music or food!”

“The politics course I’m taking is lame, so I’m going to drop out.

lame (adj) = not convincing

Your excuse is lame. There was no reason to be late.

Her reasons for quitting her job were lame. She is simply lazy.

Slang – totaled

We use (to be +) totaled to say that something was completely destroyed.

For example:

My car was totaled in the accident.

John totaled his bike when he fell off.

Slang – glitch

glitch = something has a problem, mistake, or error

There is a glitch in the annual budget. You forgot to include the transportation expenses.

I think there is a glitch in this software program. It keeps turning off.

I am such a poor typist. There are are glitches everywhere!

Slang with FREE

freebie = something you are given without paying for it – usually by a business

Can you believe this shirt was a freebie? I wear it all the time.

The supermarket often gives out freebies so people can try new products.

free-for-all = an argument or activity where many people get involved

The discussion turned into a free-for-all. Everyone started yelling at each other.

Slang expressions for ‘get very upset or angry’

These are some ways to say that a person is very upset or angry about something:

nearly have a cow

James nearly had a cow when he saw the damage to the car.

have a hissy fit

Lisa had a hissy fit when I told her what you said.

blow your top

I know you are going to blow your top when I tell you this, but…

Slang Lesson

cold fish (n) – a person who has no personality, very dull

Jim’s wife is a cold fish. She’s so hard to talk to.

I sit beside a cold fish at the office. He barely says a word to me all day.

line (n) – a poor excuse

Adam told me he’ll pay back the money next week. He keeps giving me that line.