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Vocabulary Lesson: separate

separate (v) = to move apart / isolate

“The cake recipe says to separate the egg yolks and egg whites.”

separate (adj) = removed from the rest of something

“The money we need for gasoline is separate from the travel fund.”

seperate is one of the most common spelling mistakes in English! NEVER use this ;)

Vocabulary – commonly misspelled words

Some words in English are more difficult to spell than others.  Here is a few:

misspell (v) – One of the most misspelled words is misspell!  Just add the prefix -mis to the word spell, and you’ll have it right!

embarrassment (n)– Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve spelled this wrong before! 2 rr + 2 ss is the formula!

grammar (n) – Many people make the the second ‘a’ in this word into an ‘e’.

Spelling tip…

We all learn this spelling rule as children!

‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’

i before e: believe, niece, chief, field

except after c: receive, ceiling, eight

Spelling Tip: words ending with -ful / -fully

If the word ends in -ful, it is always spelled with one -l.

  • cheerful
  • helpful
  • grateful
  • skilful


If the word ends in -fully, is always spelled with a -ll:

  • cheerfully
  • faithfully
  • gratefully
  • thoughtfully