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ESL week in Ontario

November 9-15th will mark English As a Second Language Week in Ontario, Canada.

During this annual event, the ESL teaching and learning community promotes the development of English skills in new arrivals, refugees, and international students. In addition, the general public’s awareness of the need to assist these people to integrate into the community is heightened. Another goal of the week is to highlight the contribution of educators.

A tough one for Canada…


I was shaking my head while reading Keeping immigrant kids in school in the Toronto Star.

While I like the vision of supporting those who are struggling, the main comment that caught my attention was: “…hundreds of studies show that crystal-clear lessons delivered in smaller chunks, almost minute-to-minute checks to see if children understand – and immediately re-teaching the lesson if they do not – help all children at risk.”

Canadian Bilingualism


Aside from the debate about where the best bagels are – Montreal or New York – many language teachers admire Montreal and its bilingualism.

I have been there a couple of times in the last few months and am always amazed by how speakers of both languages can so easily switch back and forth. Not that they have the knowledge to do it, but how they switch at times for no clear reason. Sitting in a restaurant, people can start ordering in English and then finish in French. it baffles me! How have the 2 languages become so fluid?