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SMS/Text messaging in English

SMS messaging (‘texting’) your cell phone is a quick and convenient way to communicate with family and friends.

However, reading text messages can be very difficult! Text messages often include abbreviations and casual/slang language. Even native English speakers get confused! For example lol means ‘laugh out loud’, or gr8 means ‘great’.

For many young people, texting is like a private language. Texters use single letters or numbers to represent whole words – for example the letter u replaces ‘you’, or the number 4 replaces ‘for’.

Sometimes texters remove the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) from a word – for example ‘smart’ becomes smrt.

Here are some common text abbreviations:

later = l8r
okay = k
tomorrow= 2mro
you are = ur
between = btwn
by the way = btw
because = cuz
love = luv
please = pls
weekend = wknd
thanks = tx
something = sth
see you = cu
without = wo

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