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Accent v. Pronunciation

There are many different English accents throughout the world. In England, there is a new accent every 15 kilometers, and in Ireland there are approximately 30 different accents for only 4 million people. However, in Australia the accent remains the same across 4,000 very long kilometers!

Is there a ‘best’ accent to learn? Not really. Why do we say this? It takes years of practice and experience to speak English with a natural accent. A learner’s mother-tongue accent will most always come through. As long as the person listening can understand what you’re saying, a clear English accent is a ‘nice to have’, not a ‘must have’.

The easiest English accent to understand and learn is what we call a ‘standard’ accent. A standard accent is widely used by many people. The Canadian accent is a perfect example. Across the 3,000 km from Vancouver to Toronto, the accent stays almost the same. In addition, the Canadian accent is very flat, making it easy to understand (unlike the Irish accent which has a ‘sing-song’ quality – up and down). Standard accent are found in many English-speaking countries.

The most important thing to focus on is your PRONUNCIATION. Without clear pronunciation, working on your accent is a waste of time. And keep in mind, your natural accent is part of you – be proud of it! English speakers hear accents all day long – we live in a global world.  As long as we can understand your words through clear pronunciation…that is all that matters ;)

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