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Vocabulary lesson: (sic)

Have you ever seen (sic) or [sic] after a quotation in a news article, on Twitter, etc?

sic is the Latin word for thus/such.

It is used after a quotation to tell the reader that “this is really how it appears in the original quote/statement.”

It is generally used show a grammar mistake, misspelling, incorrect fact, or strange spelling of a name.

It tells the reader that the mistake is in the original source, not in the  reporter’s ability to write!

Here are some examples:

“The University of Toronto is well-known for it’s (sic) excellent research standards.” why?…spelling…’it’s’ should be ‘its’

“I’m going to forget about the money I lost.  was foolish (sic).”  why?…grammar…no subject (I)

“We’re totes (sic) going there tomorrow.”  why? slang… totes = totally

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