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Memory tricks for ESL students – mnemonic tools

When I was a young learner, I had some great teachers. They taught me many memory tricks that have stuck with me and helped me remember the proper spelling of words. I thought you might enjoy learning some of my favourites…

• Your principal is your PAL
• A good friend is with you till the end.
• I before E, except after C
• One collar, two socks…NECESSARY
• Big Elephants Can Always Understand Small Elephants….BECAUSE
• One tea, Two Sugars…POTASSIUM
• Two sugars in DESSERT
• A piece of PIE…PIECE
• A Sheriff has one rifle but fires twice…SHERIFF
• Double the C and double the S and you will always have SUCCESS
• Lose lost an O…the difference between lose and loose
• RAVEN…Remember Affect Verb Effect Noun
• IS for a verb/ IC for a noun…You PRACTISE hockey on the ICE.

Mnemonic devices are great to help ESL students remember how to spell difficult words. They often involve a rhyme or short-form that puts spatial, personal or meaningful information in a sequence. The more wacky and odd these are, the more they seem to stick!

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