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English Idioms and Expressions: Part 4

This is the final post of our 4-part series on idioms.

You may not use them when you are speaking, but you need to understand what they mean if you hear them in  conversations!

bring someone up to speed = give someone recent news / share new facts

“I will begin the presentation by bringing you up to speed on the project and what has changed.”

vicious cycle = repetition (over-and-over) of an action that you cannot stop

“I helped Lisa write her budget a few times, and now she cannot do it without me. We are in a vicious cycle.”

without a hitch = a situation where the plans happen without any problems

“The party went off without a hitch. I can’t believe how surprised he was!”

it’s your call = you can make the decision for us

A. “Do you think we should have pasta for dinner?”

B. “It’s your call.”


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