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A tough one for Canada…


I was shaking my head while reading Keeping immigrant kids in school in the Toronto Star.

While I like the vision of supporting those who are struggling, the main comment that caught my attention was: “…hundreds of studies show that crystal-clear lessons delivered in smaller chunks, almost minute-to-minute checks to see if children understand – and immediately re-teaching the lesson if they do not – help all children at risk.”

As I myself was a student in Toronto, I likely would have resented being ‘retaught’ a lesson every time someone else was struggling. Who’s to say they’ll get it the second time round anyway if their English skills are the issue? And constantly concept checking …shouldn’t a teacher already be doing that? It is a fundamental principle of imparting knowledge.

Regarding the comment: “”My parents don’t really speak English, so the tutoring has really helped me boost my marks,” says Melanie Ferreira, 14, a Portuguese-Canadian student.” I wonder how long this family has been in the country? What is keeping both of her parents from getting the skills they need?

Another bandaid please.

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