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Grammar lesson – ‘as (adjective) as ever’ v. ‘as usual’

These show continuous behavior, but there is a difference in how you apply them.

as busy/aggressive/lazy as ever = the person always shows this characteristic, it is his/her normal behavior.  It can be a positive or negative adjective.

Tom is as busy as ever. He works 7 days a week.

My secretary is as efficient as ever. I never have to ask her to do anything twice.

Richard is as unreliable as ever. He forgot to pay the electricity bill again!

as usual = this shows repetition/regularity in the person’s behaviour. It is generally has a comma (,) before or after.

I have to pick the kids up at 3pm, as usual.

As usual, my brother has asked if he can borrow money. He really needs to sort his life out!

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