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Office expressions – Part 2

Here are some more office expressions you can start practicing!

touch base = make or renew contact with someone by phone, email or face-to face

“Let’s touch base after the Christmas holidays so we can start the planning.”

“I am going to touch base with an old colleague to see if she is interested in the sales manager’s position.”

brainstorm = have a group discussion to create/produce ideas. Often referred to as a ‘brainstorming session’

“We are struggling to sell the new umbrellas, so my team is going to brainstorm marketing ideas tomorrow. I hope we can think of something!”

Brainstorming sessions are great to create new ideas and increase excitement.”

take something offline =  we use this when a discussion/topic comes up in the workplace/meeting that is better to talk about privately.

“We should not be discussing Tim’s performance around the team, so let’s take this offline later.”

“Dave likes to discuss things in front of other staff members that really should be taken offline. It is unprofessional.

See the expression in PART 1

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