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The ‘must have’ student tool….your dictionary!

While learning English, your dictionary is the most important tool you need.

It is important to buy a dictionary for your level of English. If you are a low-level speaker, get a learner’s dictionary. If you are intermediate or higher, get an advanced dictionary. You can also buy a business English dictionary if that is what you are studying.

Look for these important things before you buy a dictionary:

•  The word that you are looking up should NOT be not used in the definition.
•  Are there example sentences to show you how the word is used?
•  Do you see the different forms (noun, verb, adjective, adverb…) for each word?
•  Is there a pronunciation key?

Some widely used and respected dictionaries include the Oxford English Dictionary (for British English) and the Longman Dictionary  (for American English).

We recommend having 2 dictionaries, a small one for your pocket or handbag, and a more detailed one for your desk. Keep your small dictionary with you. That way,  when you hear or see a new word, you can look that word up immediately.

Write a new word in your vocabulary book straight away! It is also smart to write the different forms of the word (noun, adjective, adverb…).  For example:   speak (v), speaker (n),  spoken (adj)

This all takes effort, but you will see the results!



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