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English Idioms and Expressions: Part 1

It is difficult to uses idiomatic expressions (idioms) correctly. So…we’ll help!

What is an idiom? It is a phrase where the individual words mean one thing, but together they mean something different. Here are a few popular idiomatic expressions, and what they mean.

add insult to injury = a bad situation is made worse.

“James added insult to injury when, after he embarrassed me in front of the team, he then left me standing in the street!

backseat driver = someone sitting in the car giving the driver advice on what he/she should do on the road. The driver usually does not want the advice!

“I hate taking my husband anywhere in the car. He is always a backseat driver!”

every dog has its day = every person will get his or her own moment to shine or to be looked at in a good way. For example, even if you’re having a really hard time at work and no one recognizes your efforts, they eventually will see the hard work you’ve done.

Edward is a good actor.  One day he will get the acting role he deserves. Every dog has its day.”

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