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Free English – English Dictionary Software

Did you know that over 1.5 billion people in the world speak English and that over a billion more people are currently learning how to speak English?

However, accessibility to resources for learning or perfecting English can be a challenge for some – especially in more remote geographic areas. For that reason, Englishlink developed its online English lesson resource tools which provide global accessibility to English speaking teachers.

Through additional research, Englishlink has learned that every month there are millions of searches for the query “English Dictionary Software”. In response to this interest, we have developed web dictionary software. This dictionary software enables our visitors to install a dictionary widget on their own blogs and sites to make it more accessible to their visitors.

This web based English software is the key to pushing out accessibility to a global audience whose interest is to get easy access to English definitions. A dictionary tool like this offers huge value to those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to the resources required to build a tool like this.

The hope is that this new English to English dictionary software will provide a turnkey method for blogs, social media platforms and other sites to push out this heavily sought after tool to global audiences. Additionally, this free dictionary widget can be installed on your own desktop, offering you easy accessibility to the tool anytime you need to access it.

How to install the English to English Dictionary widget on your blog, website or favourite social media site:
1. Click on the “Copy Me” button (upper right hand corner of the tool)
2. Click on the logo of your favourite social media website (Your blog, Facebook, Hi5, Igoogle, Blogger, Myspace, Vista side bar and more) and follow directions.

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