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Is English spelling difficult?

YES! Only ½ of English speakers are good at spelling – even after 11 years of school! Italians are good at spelling after only 2 years of education. There are 3,500 popular words in English that do not follow basic spelling rules. In Spanish there are only 600.

English spelling rules are complex and have many exceptions – for example: doubt, pneumonia, castle, and the one Lesley finds difficult to remember…colonel /’kərnl/

Tips for good spelling:

Practise your spelling
- Keep a “spelling notebook” for words you have trouble with
- Keep a list of commonly misspelled English words
- Keep a list of rules for spelling – you learn these in your Englishlink lessons
- ALWAYS re-read your writing after you spell-check on the computer
- Be careful with your dictionary…some words have more than 1 spelling!

Quick tip: i before e except after c….believe, friend / receive,ceiling

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