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Learning new words

I was learning Spanish in South America with my friend Chris who would hear a word once and remember it. I had to hear, see, write, and say the word three times before it was in my head.

The good thing is, I believe in “easy in, easy out”. Often people who can remember a word easily keep it in their short-term memory!

If it is hard work to remember a word, you hopefully have it in your long-term memory!

Tips for learning new vocabulary:

- Flash cards are the easiest way to practise words you need to repeat. It works and is inexpensive (costs little money). Use blank (nothing on them) business cards and put the words and phrases on the cards with English on the front and your language on the back. As you review the words, remove the words you have learned and keep reviewing the ones you have not learned until you know them.

- Learn the word in its different forms. For example: collect (verb), collector (noun), collection (noun), collective (noun), collectively (adverb).

- Write the word in sentences. This allows you to see the word in context (in its most common use).

- “See and say”: repeat the word while you ‘look’ at it in your head. It might sound odd (strange, different), but it works.

- Benefit from Englishlink’s Word of the Day!

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